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Mercedes-Benz CLR
Mercedes-Benz CLR front 2009 Nurburgring.jpg
CategoryLe Mans Grand Tourer Prototype(LMGTP)
ConstructorMercedes-Benz (HWA GmbH)
Designer(s)Gerhard Ungar
Technical specifications[1][2]
ChassisCarbon fiber and aluminium honeycomb monocoque
Suspension (front)Double wishbone suspension with pushrod-activated dampers
Suspension (rear)Same as front
Length4,893 mm (192.6 in)
Width1,999 mm (78.7 in)
Height1,012 mm (39.8 in)
Wheelbase2,670 mm (105 in)
EngineMercedes-Benz GT108C 5,721 cc (349.1 cu in) V8naturally-aspiratedmid-mounted
TransmissionXtrac 6-speed sequential manual
WeightAppr. 900 kg (2,000 lb)
FuelMobil 1

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