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Porsche 919 Hybrid
Porsche 919 Hybrid 20.jpg
A Porsche 919 Hybrid at the 2014 24 Hours of Le Mans
CategoryLe Mans Prototype 1-H
ConstructorPorsche AG
PredecessorPorsche RS Spyder
Technical specifications[1]
ChassisComposite of carbon fibre with honeycomb aluminium core
Suspension (front)Independent multi-link pushrod configuration with adjustable shock absorbers
Suspension (rear)Same as front
Length4,650 mm (183 in)
Width1,900 mm (75 in)
Height1,050 mm (41 in)
EnginePorsche 2.0 L (2,000 cc) direct-injected turbocharged V4 engine with lithium-ion battery for energy recovery in mid-mountedlongitudinal configuration
TransmissionPorsche seven-speed hydraulically-activated sequential gearbox with rear-lock differential
Weight870 kg (1,920 lb)
(before driver or fuel)
Competition history
Notable entrantsPorsche Team
Notable driversTimo Bernhard
Romain Dumas
Brendon Hartley
Neel Jani
Marc Lieb
Mark Webber
Debut2014 6 Hours of Silverstone

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